Wood Resin Necklace Blue Night Sky Aurora Borealis Wooden Epoxy Chain Pendant

This magical night sky necklace is one of a kind piece of wood resin jewelry. Pendant contain mountain scene with Aurora Borealis lights in it. Green sparkling northern lights and blue night sky resin looks very natural over the piece of exotic wooden burl hanged on a silver plated chain. The resin polished to a high gloss finish and have a glass look although has a much higher strength and lover weight. The pendant is absolutely unique, and it is impossible to make a new piece exactly like this. Necklace include a square wooden box that can be personalized with any custom engraving. Just add a note to your order or contact us about what you want to place on a box.

Pendant is hypoallergenic and made from eco-friendly resources, so it will not cause any skin reaction. Jewelry made from wood and epoxy resin will last long time. The wood is finished with natural carnauba wax and flax seed oil that protect wood from humidity and external influence. Purchasing our resin wood jewelry you will get unique personalized gift for women.

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