OKTIE wooden accessories

OKTIE Indiegogo campaign video from Pavlo Parubochyi on Vimeo.

OKTIE wooden accessories is a small family business from Ukraine. We create wooden bow ties and wooden-resin jewelry. We want to grow and increase our workshop so we started this campaign to collect money for a new place for work and new tools and appliances. We not using automate production course we love ti create something unique and special. For supporting us you will get our finest accessories as a reward. Embrace your style and individuality with high quality handmade wooden accessories.
Hello, My name is Pavlo and I'm creator of OKTIE wooden accessories. How does I start doing it? All started summer 2014 when my friend professional wedding photographer (as I am) asked me to help him with wedding shots he made to complete them in short time. Groom on that pictures had an excellent wooden bow tie, I haven't seen wooden bow ties before and it's impressed me so I desired one to myself, but I couldn't find that tie anywhere so I tried to made it on my own. In a process I added some few thins from My self and create absolute new and unique bowtie (it presented in my store as OKTIE 1 ). That tie impressed few of my closest friend and I made as a gift for them some new ties. After a while people started ask me about my ties and making orders - so I decide to make a production and sale my product. All that time I was making all the wood works and my mother helped me with sewing works on bowties, so family business started.
My first workshop was located at my apartments balcony, there was no space at all but I worked there for a two years.
At the end of 2016 my girlfriend Ira decided to try herself in my workshop and she like it so she start to make woman's accessories line that I newer have time to do. Now she creating a create wood-resin jewelry. Our workshop based in a small apartment, for a first time it was on a balcony, but wither came and I moved it to the kitchen, working with wood in the small apartment creating a huge mess and noise for the neighbors so in closest future we want to move into the normal shop place.
Now we trying to collect money for that purpose. We using only Eco clean and friendly materials. We purchase our wood only from authorized sellers. We use mostly Ash and Oak wood but we like to experiment time after time. We always have a new bright ideas and willing to create something spectacular new to make you happy. 
We creating big amount of wooden bow ties for any taste, from Basic simple flat forms to gorgeous 3D realistic bow ties.   
This is us - OKTIE team and we proud of our products. We love our work and hope You will love it as well.
I have my inspiration from all that I see in this world, some forms, shapes, characters and many other things. But most of all I inspiring from working process.
– Pavlo


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