Wood Resin Jewelry DIY from OKTIE accessories

How to create shiny and perfect glossy resin gewelry? - Easy! =)

1 - You need to cast some resin in form or mold with a nice piece of wood - we used oak slice.

When it harden enough it's time to shaping it on a belt sender machine

Use sending paper from lowest grade as 45-60p and step by step higher grade level to avoid scratches.  
Be careful and remember about safety!

Make a draw with form you need to see how much do you need to cut off.
And You will get something looks like your form.
After bid and angry sanding machine time to gentle shaping and polishing using rotary polisher or hand drill in our case.  
Here we using paper grade from 600p to 1500p

And after that special finishing paper with 3000-4000p grade.
After sending paper we get nice pendant but it's matte for now.
We fixing it using polishing paste and dremel tool.

Time after time with a gentle movers paste make it's work and your pendant become glossy and shiny.

Put some chain and wooden gift bow - and ready to go. 

This Pendant available at our stores links are below.
Remember it's only one of a king so hurry up to get this unique piece of hand made jewelry.

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Sincerely yours 
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