OKTIE Wood Bow Tie ART Series "Deer"

Do not waste your time and buy your OKTIE Art right NOW!!!

OKTIE ART series
Model: Deer
Made from: Ash
Fabric: Leather
Weight: 28 g
Bow tie size: 12 x 5 cm
Neck size: 30 - 60 cm


Purchasing this unique accessory and piece of art. You became an owner of this particular painting and we guarantee to you that this will be one of a kind.

Hand made original wood bow tie with acrylic painting.
and we never will make a copy of it!
To wear Wooden Bow Tie, 
simply slip the ribbon  under the collar and  attach  the velcro to  fit. 

The ribbon is adjustable lightweight  and comfortable design  made for regular wear.
Excellent for any occasions!!! 

Be unique on your style with OKTIE wood bow tie!!!

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Sincerely yours 
OKTIE wooden accessories


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