OKTIE Wood Bow Tie Original Series "Dracula" set

OKTIE Original series
Model: Dracula

Catch everyone's eye and shine on stage with oktie.
Made from: Oak or Ash
Color: Walnut
Bow tie size: 12 x 5 cm
Neck size: 30 - 60 cm

Unique Hand Crafted Wooden Bow Ties
Fabrick: Cotton and Polyester
Great fits for different styles

An ideal men's gift for the man who thinks he has everything.
Weight: 24 g
Flash others with ultimate style and trend with oktie accessory

To wear Wooden Bow Tie, simply slip the ribbon under the collar and attach the velcro to fit. The ribbon is adjustuble

lightweight and comfortable design made for regular wear.
Woman version available
Cufflinks included to set


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